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What Do Deists Think Happens After We Die

NDEs Give Only the Briefest Windown into Life After Death

NDEs Give Only the Briefest Windown into Life After Death

As I stated yesterday when I blogged about whether deists believe in an afterlife, it is quite simply true that you will likely get a different answer from just about every deist you ask.  A few may say nothing happens at least from your perspective.  They may simply say your time passes and your body and energy are recycled, in a true mechanistic way.  Though many others, dare I say most deists believe that some part of us continues and that it happens in a way that can only be defined as a continuation of our individual existence.  That is what I believe.

As to what it might be like, I have to start out with the only honest answer anyone can truly give; I don’t know what it will be like.  We never will truly know until we die, even near death experiences (when legitimate) can only be a brief window into what might await us.

Consider if a person told you they knew what life was like in America even though they had always lived in say Japan.  What would you think if you asked this person how and they said, oh well I have been to America.  Likely that would open you to the fact that they might have some understanding of American life.  But what if you next heard they had only been to New York City?  Would such a visit really tell our Japanese friend what America was like?

Further what if they didn’t speak much English?  So there was a language barrier as well to cloud their view into the American lifestyle.  Lastly what if you learned that this visit was very short, say our friend never even left JFK airport, they simply arrived, went to a restaurant at the airport, visited two gift shops and then boarded a plane back to Japan?  Do you think they would understand anything deeply about life in America?

So even the person that has a true NDE and experiences something akin to “crossing over” would not really know what the long term existence would be like would they?  Surely beings in this next plane use language at a higher level, surely there is more to see then one can experience while still bound by human ideas and limitations?  So my answer must be “I don’t really know”, if I am to use logic and reason in examining the question.

Though here are some things that the experiences of others and logic leads me to believe may occur…

  • I believe at some point, likely by our own choice we have a “life review” such would be filled with both joy and regret for anyone who lived as a human being for any significant period of time.  I believe this because those who died and came back report it and because it makes sense, if I died and still had my memories and individual consciousness, I would want to examine my life experience wouldn’t you?  Additionally we know information once created always exists, so the information would be available.
  • I believe we likely are able to shape our own reality around ourselves at least early on.  We might be assisted by others with this or it might be all us, I just don’t know for sure.  I believe this because it is the only explanation for the vast differences in NDE experiences.
  • I believe at some point we must make a decision about what to do next, where to go, what to become.  How many options are there, what limits if any exist at this point?  I have no real idea.  I do believe some may choose to reincarnate as humans once again, but I don’t think it is trap like the Buddhists believe and I don’t think it is likely as common as most who believe it reincarnation think it is.
  • I believe we do meet with others, share experiences, communicate and I think there is likely a case to be made for a “soul group” of sorts, or call it a “family”.  I think we are likely helped with our decisions by this group and I do believe some beings choose to meet in another life, not “soul mates” in the way a romantic would imagine.  I think we do it to accomplish something, learn from each other or just to have fun.  I have met a few people with such an instant kinship that this is the only reasonable explanation I can come up with.
  • As I believe the creator gave all beings free will so I am pretty sure that whatever happens we control.  I also believe as an energetic being free of the physical world that we likely have more control after death then during life in what we do, how we do it, where we go next, etc.

Yet again the reality is all of the above is what I think, not what I know.  I do know there is a part of us that can exist apart from the body.  Yet I can’t know exactly what happens when that link is severed permanently, just as our made up Japanese friend could never understand American life from a 30 minute visit to JFK Airport.

The more important question for you is what do you think happens and why?  As a deist you are free to believe whatever you wish about this question, but logic and reason dictate that you should take a hard look at the why behind any belief that you make central to your life.

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Do Deists Believe in an “Afterlife”

I Believe We are Enegetic Beings

I Believe We are Energetic Beings

Anyone answering this question with a flat yes or no, simply isn’t qualified to answer this question.  The question itself stems from the belief that a church, holy book or organization is supposed to tell its members what to believe and how to believe it.

In its’ simplest form Deism is simply an understanding that a God/Creator exists and we can determine that with reason and logic.  The more we examine the universe, physics and science the more, not less real God becomes.

Your fellow Deists then leave it to you to use your reason and your God given logic to determine what that means to you in your life and frankly there after.  Hence the answer to the above question is some do, some don’t and those that do have a lot of different views as to what it might be like.

So the only honest way I can answer this question is to tell you what I personally believe.  First I believe in some type of afterlife, I would call it more a continuation of life.  I certainly do not believe in either the heaven or hell of the revealed religions.

Neither make sense in any real way, they are completely ridiculous if we use logic and reason to consider them.  There are many reasons though that I personally believe that some part of our consciousness continues after death, some include…

  • Science has discovered that humans and all life indeed has a field of energy that exists outside of and around the body and this field has a real effect on us both mentally and physically.  There is even evidence via experimentation that some or even most of our memories may exist in this field and the brain is more of a receiver then say a hard drive.  If you want to learn more about this I recommend the film “The Living Matrix“.
  • The many reports of near death experiences specifically from people who were clinically dead.  While revealed religions hold up cases of visions of heaven and hell as proof of their paradigm, many people have had completely different experiences, this leads me to believe we create our own realities on this plane at least for a time as a coping mechanism.
  • I have personally experienced OBEs (out of body experiences).  I am not someone who says I can do it at will and I believe most who claim so are frauds.  It only happened twice to me but I remember both times vividly.  I am also a “lucid dreamer” and know a dream from an actual experience.  All I can say is you have to experience this to understand it.  During one of my OBEs I didn’t meet God or any entities, I just moved around my home, looked at my son sleeping in bed and returned to my body.  Another time I simply “walked” around my apartment and saw myself sleeping on my couch, when I touched myself the reentry and awaking was abrupt.  In both experiences there was a level of vibration experienced that is so unique it is unmistakeable.
  • The very fact that a life force even exists is something that tells me it likely continues after the body dies.  If you kill a person dead even in a way that is as gentle as can be done and leave them dead long enough there is no way to “revive them”.  You can hook their body up to machines, pump their blood, make their heart beat make every body system “function” mechanically.  If you scratch the arm of someone in this state nothing will heal it, no bandage, no drug, no suture, no nothing.  Only the life force can do something as mundane as heal a scratch.
  • The first law of thermodynamics tells us “that energy cannot be created or destroyed, only converted from one form to another”.  If our life is energetic, if our conscious is energetic and we know that they indeed are the energy itself can not be destroyed, its form may change but it will continue to exist.

These are my reasons, well just a few of them.  On the next post I will tell you what I think an afterlife or better stated a continuation of existence might be like.

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Do Deists Believe in the “Miraculous”

When I explained Deism to one of my friends his response was simply, “so you don’t believe in anything miraculous right”?  My response took him a bit back when I said, “of course I do I see miracles ever day”.  His next question was, “but you don’t believe in things like raising the dead, walking on water or say feeding a multitude with 5 loaves and 2 fish right”?  I looked at him with a smirk and said, “Well I have to say that both yes and no is the only honest answer to that question I can give you”.  Now he was really dangling so I decided to let him off the hook.

I continued, “when you ask that question I know how you mean it and my answer to it that way is no.  No I don’t believe Jesus walked on water, called Lazarus from his tomb or that he took some kid’s lunch and fed a huge crowd.  However, I do believe in a way, all three things are possible and even when they can be explained they are still in my view or the view of any honest person a miracle of creation”.   A long and enjoyable conversation occurred after this.  I will just continue with the essence of what I explained to my friend and leave out his countless attempts to “save me from the eternal damnation of hell”.

So let’s start with raising the dead, this already occurs in modern medicine.  It has been done by the common man with CPR, heart surgeons do it all the time and many people have had near death experiences during times of clinical death.  In these and many other examples by understanding how the body works those who were dead by all ways such things can be measured were called back to life.  To me that is a miracle and not just one of science.  The fact that the human body can literally die and be brought back life is amazing beyond words.  Just because a process can be explained doesn’t mean it isn’t a miracle.  When I see a sunset I know very well how the light is refracted to create it, yet each one is different and each beautiful.  In both examples the process itself is the miracle.

What about walking on water?  Well we can’t do it yet but the laws of physics say it is certainly possible as would be walking through a wall.  Some day we will figure out how to do both, the miracle isn’t so much in how it is done; it is that it can be done.  Cutting edge physics is now telling us that our universe is one of energy and universal fields that link everything as one.  The only limits we have are those which we have not yet cast aside and that is a miracle beyond words for me.  No accidental assemblage of random matter could yield a system so perfect with so many possibilities.  Yet even in the limited material world we see miracles every day, even some that are considered completely mundane.

Let’s consider my friends final example in the story of the feeding of the multitude with 5 loaves and 2 fish.  The biblical account of course is that Jesus as the son of God used his god like power to turn these seven items into enough food to feed a huge crowd and even then there was much left over.   Now if I were to allow myself to believe in this type of religion, pardon me but I don’t see this as a miracle.  Of course an omnipotent God could multiply things, what is the miracle in that?  It is like saying if you take a shower you will get wet.  But what if I told you that man has and continues to feed multitudes with loaves and fishes in a way that is truly a miracle?  Oh ye of little faith, watch how it works!

To make a loaf of bread I need about 2 cups of ground wheat, well that wheat starts out as wheat berries.  If instead of grinding them I plant them I get more wheat, give me enough wheat to make 5 loaves of bread and I will give you a field of wheat.  Give me another year and I will give you 40 fields of wheat.  Now we can have plenty of bread and still have a literal ton of seed to plant the fields again.  Give me two fish, a male and a female and a pond, give me a few seasons and I will give you tens of thousands of fish, many to eat and many as fry to populate new ponds.  Planting wheat and growing fish in ponds is about as old as civilization and to me it is a true miracle of creation.

Consider that with my way anyone with some knowledge and resources can “feed multitudes”, is that not miraculous to you?  Each tiny hard wheat berry contains a life waiting to happen.  I can even store this wheat for a decade and when planted most of it will still germinate.  Again an accidental assemblage of atoms doesn’t create such an elegant system.  The problem with most religions is they have convinced us that which would be mundane even if true is miraculous.  Again if an omnipotent God wants to make something happen doing so isn’t a miracle, seriously think deeply about that.

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