Where Does Morality Come From — 6 Comments

  1. What if morality was written into the code of creation itself?

    Have you seen the Nova Special Dogs Decoded? Your article made me think of it. As a dog lover it is, I would have to say my favorite documentary.

    They show how dogs are the only animal that can read human emotional facial expressions other than other humans. Personally I think they are better at it than humans.

    In some ways dogs are the smartest animals next to human beings. I absolutely think they have a sense of morality, of course I think that all of creation does.

    Dog’s Decoded also shows how silver foxes in Russia evolved into a very much dog like creature after only a handful of generations selected merely on the temperament of the animal.

    it is fascinating to me how just selecting behavior can make an animal like a fox more appealing to humans. They began barking, and showing affection, they changed colors, got spots, droopy ears. All just by choosing the more friendly foxes and breading them together.

    It’s almost like Dogs were meant to be a companion of humans.

    Here is a link to the Nova special on Youtube.

    • “What if morality was written into the code of creation itself?”

      Good question with some real truth to it, too complex for a comment response and worthy of a post in the future. No time for it this week though most likely.

  2. Looking forward to it. This video might help your research, it’s only 10 minutes long but it is the best scientific explination I have heard of free will that is truley free.

    Evidence that suggests to me that there are certain things about the future that even the creator of all things cannot know because they are perfectly random and where designed that way.

  3. I remember reading an article in the 5th grade in the SRA readers that dogs have no emotions and that they just exhibit conditioned responses. I was perturbed by view some 53 years ago.

  4. I feel that in order to create a revealed religion , the concepts of duality must be introduced. If you are going to create a protagonist mythical hero, then you must have an antagonist. If The hero is good, then it’s opponent must be bad.
    I’ve talked with a few occultists who day the idea is to resolve duality.
    So, what is good and bad and how do you resolve it.
    They are both behavior.
    To resolve, why even debate it? The Universe probably doesn’t care about our behavior. But to exist on a hierarchal society, organized religion and the state cares. duality can also be used in the Hegelian Dialect to manipulate outcomes and divide us. But, it’s like Jack says. Do as thy wilt as long as it harms no one.
    whether thats innate or part of a heard instinct , or one does good for the collective tribe is up for debate IMO

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