Episode-10- Which Requires more “Faith” Atheism or Deism?

Today we take a look at the question, what takes greater faith, believing in “God” or being an atheist?  To me the question is obvious when we simply ask, so what must the atheist place faith in, to say they do not believe in God.

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The Modern Deist Podcast
The Modern Deist Podcast
Episode-10- Which Requires more "Faith" Atheism or Deism?
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10 comments to Episode-10- Which Requires more “Faith” Atheism or Deism?

  • 229Mick

    Good stuff Jack. Cleared up my understanding of on a couple things…

  • SuperDiogenes64

    Are there any plans to get the podcast up on Google Play?

  • Diogenes

    Are there any plans to get the Podcast up on Google Play?

  • Dio

    Heya! A couple subject recommendations for future episodes:

    * Deism and Unitarian Universalism, and Deism and Liberal Quakers (Friends General Conference).

    * A review of God’s Debris by Scott Adams (he released the book as a free PDF, too).

    * The World Deist Union (deism.com) and other Deistic ‘fellowship’.


  • Jac

    More content, PLEASE! ????

  • Allen Wrinkle

    Jack I really appreciate you putting these together. It’s almost spooky how you and I came to hold the same opinions about so many diverse things. Deism, permaculture, keto, preparedness. I look forward to attending one of your workshops and getting to know someone I am a little freaked is such a kindred spirit.

    You say there are no stories to support Deism but maybe there should be a place to record collected ‘experiences’ where people became comfortable with their belief system. One of my many interests is ultrarunning and after about 80 miles of running, I find enough of the conscious thought is stripped away to have some amazing experiences. Sure… It might have been low blood sugar lol… but still.. it doesn’t matter. Very difficult to explain to people who haven’t been there though. Still, some things should be said anyway.

  • Farmer

    Love the podcast Jack, wish you had time to make more. Thanks for everything you do.

  • jaubee

    no faith required. just repeatable evidence

  • DJWilson

    Will we be getting any more of these? I hope we do. There are still some topics of importance to Deism that I’d love to hear you explore with/for us.

  • Thanks from a post-Mutazila Muslim monk

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