Welcome to the Church of Modern Deism.  Our faith is a structured version of Deist Theology.  On the surface this may seem like an oxymoron as Deism is classically defined as, “a philosophy which holds that reason and observation of the natural world, can determine that the universe is the product of a creator, without the need for organized religion”.  So why organize that which specifically states that an “organized faith” is not required.

Simply put because it is necessary so that the many individuals seeking answers can find and learn from other Deists.  Also while Deists generally feel that “God does not intervene in human affairs”, that is largely misunderstood.  Deists are extremely diverse and most have some prior affiliation with some form or another of organized faith.  In such they have come to understand that most faiths do have some “view into the universal spirit that is God”.

All faiths have one common factor, prayer.  Prayer to the Deist can be structured, it can be meditation, it can be conversational or it can be a sort of day dream or even just an internal dialog.  In fact it can be anything that allows one to connect at some level with universal energy.  So while most of us believe that “God does not intervene”, what we mean by that is God doesn’t make it snow, or cause a flood or a war or see to it that one side wins a war.  Most of us view such things as folklore.

However, many of us believe that humans can communicate with the “universal spirit” or what many would call God.  In that communication if an individual takes a different action then they would have prior to such communication, in a sense God has “intervened” yet the free will of the individual has been preserved.  In this example man has co-created a new reality in some level of communion with the universal spirit.

If you have been searching for answers, this site may be able to help you by connecting you with new knowledge and others on the same path.  Consider joining our forum, visiting our other pages and learning more about The Church of the Modern Deist.


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