Episode-10- Which Requires more “Faith” Atheism or Deism?

Today we take a look at the question, what takes greater faith, believing in “God” or being an atheist? To me the question is obvious when we simply ask, so what must the atheist place faith in, to say they do not believe in God.

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Episode-09- The Struggle of Leaving Organized Faith and Lack of Deist Community

Today’s episode expands on Episode 8 as to how Deism can make us better people. Even though the original email that prompted Episode 8 is almost a year old, it actually turned up on a lap top during my vacation by coincidence or perhaps providence? In any event I read that email today and […]

Episode-08- How Can Deism Make Us Better People

Say what you want about revealed religions, point to the crazies and eccentrics if you want but in general organized faith tends to produce good people. We may take exception to some of their views say in the lifestyle choices of others and various other things, however, people that practice faiths such as Christianity […]

Episode-07- Is Prayer Effective – A Deists View of Prayer

Today we start out with a simple question, is prayer effective at all. We then go further to realize that this question is not as simple as most people make it. Prayer in fact can be effective even if God doesn’t exist and even if there is nothing super natural or even energetic going […]

Episode-06- A Counter Argument to Atheists who ask for “Evidence of God”

To me the most common argument made by atheists is that God doesn’t exist because you cannot prove God exists. Further when one points out that atheists cannot prove God does not exist, the atheist counters with the accurate statement that you “cannot prove a negative”.

As deists we are led by logic and […]

Do Deists Have a Personal Relationship with God?

As always I have to answer this from my perspective, not all deists. Deists are as diverse as any group bound by a common idea can be. Remember there is no such thing as “Deist Catechism”, to teach you what you are supposed to believe. There is no “Deist Creed” you say to prove […]

What Does it Mean to Take God’s Name in Vain

As a Deist you might think I would respond to this with who cares, and on some levels you would be right, on others not so much. Recently a person emailed me about a comment that I made, that comment was as follows,

“Most Christians think saying God damn, is taking the […]

Morality and the Code of Creation Part Two

In part one we examined what I call the natural innate morality that I do feel is written into our code as beings, assuming we are not damaged some how. We can be damaged from birth, for instance a true psychopath has no empathy. Before I continue in part one of this series commenter asked […]

Is “Morality” Written into the “Code of Creation”

Recently a commenter here at the ModernDeist.org wrote the following, “What if morality was written into the code of creation itself?” Great question but before I go on, you should know that this commenter is someone I know. This someone is Christian, so like most questions, it is always angled to make the point, “this […]

Where Does Morality Come From

Where Does the Knowledge of Right and Wrong Come From?

Recently in a discussion with a member of one of the revealed religions this was the question she asked. The angle being that our morality itself comes from God and hence that proves the existence of God and hence it proved her version […]