Getting Everything You Want in Heaven Could Make You Miserable — 4 Comments

  1. please answer what Deist believe in the afterlife. the most important thing is it same for me as for an childkiller PLEASE RESPOND

  2. I enjoyed your blog post. Like most deists, I simply haven’t a clue what to expect when the time comes. However, I don’t know if we can attribute human traits (boredom, excitement, etc) to the afterlife if the afterlife isn’t physical. But, maybe there is a completely unknown plane of existence in the afterlife where human traits follow us. Who knows? Thanks for the though-provoking read.

  3. God could take away our ability to feel boredom in the Afterlife. Therefore the afterlife could be fun forever. For those that would object that it would not be true happiness, why do we define happiness in terms of our current experiences? God is presumably the one who made these conditions in life and that results in us having a certain definition of happiness. God is the one who truly would define true happiness. Therefore since God defines happiness saying whether happiness is true or not is meaningless. Great post though.

    • “God could take away”. To take something from anyone without permission is stealing. I don’t think God steals.

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