Christianity and Judaism Have Evolved – Let’s Examine Why

A common meme right now is that unlike Isalm the Jewish and Christian faiths have evolved. That even though these faiths were used to justify some pretty horrible things, you know stoning people to death in direct accordance with the law for crimes such as disobedience to a father and other such things we […]

Getting Everything You Want in Heaven Could Make You Miserable

Could getting everything you ever wanted and more really make you miserable? Is that even possible? May be?

This post orginated as a comment in response to a reader of a previous post called, “What Do Deists Think Happens After We Die“. You can see the question here and my response to it here. This […]

A Gift of Fear? No Thanks!

A Gift of Fear? No Thanks I will Pass!

I like many that come to Deism have a catholic background. There is a wonderful sense of mystery inside Catholicism if you can get past the guilt, false fears and superstitions and I think this is why so many former Catholics become Deists.

I […]