Are Most People Deists Even if they Call Themselves Muslim, Christian, Etc. — 3 Comments

  1. Yes, it makes sense. I respect anonymity and ask the following question simply as a clarification: You admit you began as a Catholic and speak in the first person. Do you sign your name to your blogs? Also, are there any actual churchy gatherings of deist groups anywhere? I am a recovering United Methodist Clergy, downsized, now serving a non-denominational downtown church half-time, and as a Hospice Chaplain full-time. My theology is maturing and I am in my seventh year with Fontana Community Church, even though a majority of my congregation are quite Trumpy and perhaps a slim majority are inerrant Bible believers and I am a heterodox theologian from a liberal background who turned my brother and mother on to Brian McLaren. I will not be anonymous, contact me at my email below (don’t do Facebook, kind of a Luddite.

  2. Most people are Deists and don’t realize it. If you point out specific articles of their faith, not only do they not support them; they usually aren’t even aware of them.

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