Episode-07- Is Prayer Effective – A Deists View of Prayer — 10 Comments

  1. I wish more Christians would see prayer like this. Sadly I see more use it as something to hold them back rather then lift them up sometimes. One of the reasons I quit going to Sunday school was it always seemed as though people would rather “pray” then act.

    Almost to the point I felt some would rather pray for light in the room rather then get up and turn the lights on. They would apply the common theme “I prayed about it, it didn’t happen; so I guess it wasn’t meant to be.” to things like not being able to find a job, etc.

    • “Almost to the point I felt some would rather pray for light in the room rather then get up and turn the lights on.”

      LOL, I love that line! 🙂

      • I love it and I hate it at the same time because I have seen it and in the words of Dr. Sheldon Cooper,

        “One cries because one is sad, for instance when I see stupid people it makes me sad”.

        And I am not picking on Theism here but rather the form described by this mindset. At one time I was a theist, but I never did this stupid shit.

        “I prayed about a job and haven’t found one so I guess God has other plans”.

        How about your fing plan to get off your lazy fing ass and beat the damn streets from sun up till sun down until you find a damn job?

        “I have prayed about my diabetes but not sure what God has planned for me with it”. (actual person I counseled in my church when I was a theist)

        My honest to God response,

        “Perhaps you should stop eating two donuts every Sunday just here at church and adjust your diet. You have type 2 diabetes which is 100% related to your life style choices, I don’t know if God will intervene on behalf of the sick, but if he will I am sure he’d help the type 1 guy stuck with this by accident of birth rather that the person who has chosen to do it to himself. May be you should come up with a new diet plan and pray that God HELP YOU stick to it rather than ask him to do something for you that you could choose to do yourself, right now”?

        And for that I was counseled about my counseling. It was the beginning of the end of my time as a theist.

        Same thing with “sending prayers” to a disaster. Great but how about sending water, food, money, etc. instead?

        • Sometimes I wonder how much of it is by design so that churches retain that control over their followers. IF their followers truly know it’s up to them then they have no need for the church.

        • It’s not really related to your point here, but people don’t give themselves diabetes. They worsen it by their choices (so I partly agree with your tirade), but it’s far more complex than we are given to believe by doctors and sound bites on the news. See Also, the idea that obesity causes diabetes is wrong. In fact, the reverse is true: Again, losing weight does help, but it’s not the simple “being fat leads to diabetes” formula that too many believe.

          Also a little beside your point, but have you ever experienced emotional eating? People self-medicate for all kinds of pain, with all kinds of substances. Of course those who say God is in control of their life should be turning to him, not food, but that requires a powerful decision and you’re right, the evidence shows that probably most people in churches haven’t done that.

          Just random comments…I’ve just arrived here and skimmed for five minutes but already have something to say, haha! It’s my usual problem on the Internet. 🙂 I’m sure you can tell that the topic of diet and obesity is a sensitive one for me. I eat better than ever before in my life, but weigh more than ever before. We live in a complicated, toxic world! Yes, I ended up here after clicking on Ep. 2305 of The Survival Podcast! 🙂

          • If you don’t think people give themselves diabetes you have no understanding of what diabetes (type 2 is) it should not even really be called diabetes in reality.

          • Did you look at my links? The information is science-based. If overeating causes diabetes, why isn’t every obese person diabetic? I am not officially an expert, but I’ve been reading about diabetes and other health issues for years, so your statement about my ignorance is pretty rude.

            On the other hand, I’ve finally discovered the likely reason for my overweight is that I don’t sleep enough. So I guess I’m “causing” my own problem (not yet diabetes). It’s raising my insulin levels, which causes the body to store fat. If it only depended on what I eat, I should weigh less. I have tracked calories/carbs for weeks and if those numbers were all that matter, it doesn’t make sense that I don’t lose.

            My blood levels of insulin are over-range which makes me prediabetic if I don’t fix the sleeping problem, but my hemoglobin A1C is still normal. Most doctors don’t check insulin, so I’m thankful my practitioner knew to check it when I couldn’t understand my difficulty losing weight.

            You don’t seem interested in opening your mind to new information (which isn’t new at all), so I probably shouldn’t waste my time replying. But I thought I’d try once more. 🙂 Maybe it will help another reader. Best wishes.

  2. No offense intended, but I think you’re just creating your own religion at this site, which appears to me, to be an amalgam of Deism, with someone’s imagination. It is being called “modern Deism” but I would challenge the Deism component of this philosphy. Much of it would fly in the face of Deism.

    One illustration is this episode related to Deists and prayer. A Deist like Thomas Paine for example, would suggest that there is no evidence- or even an observable indication- that we can “get in touch with higher energy” through prayer. Of course, anyone is free to believe whataver they wish to, but it doesnt stand up to the most rudimentary scrutiny, and it defies reason. Therefore it would not be consistent with Deism at all to state such a thing.

    • No offense intended but your critique about prayer doesn’t sound like you actually listened to the audio here, either that or you failed to comprehend it. An internal dialog that acts as a form of meditation has no need of direct connection to any higher power to be effective.

      At no point in this audio or in any article on this site did I ever state that I believed that god hears or responds to prayer. Please directly quote where I did so since you seem to infer otherwise.

  3. As a Biocentristic Deist, I have a personal and impersonal relationship, a.k.a. non-dualistic relationship with God. That means two relationships as one. God only observes through my consciousness and does not interfere with my reality. Praying for help is impractical, but giving gratitude to god is the greatest thing I can do!!!

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