Is there any Value in Prayer for a Deist

Like just about any question you can ask in regard to deism you will get many different answers from many different deists. Many would likely tell you that there is no value in prayer based on the belief that “God does not intervene” shared by deists. Some would likely tell you that you are just […]

What is the Deist View on One God or Monotheism?

Well, as always the question is answered differently by different deists but this is one there is largely a consensus on. Most deists would say, indeed there is “one creator”, one supreme intelligence but many different views of that exist. Again I can only give you my view.

I would define God as a singularity. […]

What Do Deists Think Happens After We Die

NDEs Give Only the Briefest Windown into Life After Death

As I stated yesterday when I blogged about whether deists believe in an afterlife, it is quite simply true that you will likely get a different answer from just about every deist you ask. A few may say nothing happens at least from […]

Do Deists Believe in an “Afterlife”

I Believe We are Energetic Beings

Anyone answering this question with a flat yes or no, simply isn’t qualified to answer this question. The question itself stems from the belief that a church, holy book or organization is supposed to tell its members what to believe and how to believe it.

In its’ […]

Do Deists Believe in the “Miraculous”

When I explained Deism to one of my friends his response was simply, “so you don’t believe in anything miraculous right”? My response took him a bit back when I said, “of course I do I see miracles ever day”. His next question was, “but you don’t believe in things like raising the dead, walking […]