Why I Pity Atheists

I do, I genuinely pity atheists.  Now mind you an atheist is generally a lot easier to have a discussion with about life than a born again full on evangelical by a long shot.  They tend to be rational people, and most tend to be in my view “good people”.  As honest as most if not more so.  Most “keep the commandments” though they don’t say it that way.  They respect their parents, don’t steal, don’t want what you have at your expense, they don’t murder, etc.  Now they don’t keep the Sabbath or worry about “the lords name in vain” but hell, those things do not apply to their beliefs so why would they.  My point is simply that beyond the overt religious components of most faiths, most such people are ethical even in the eyes of a person of a revealed religion.

Most atheists I know are also dramatically intelligent people.  Many are highly successful in life and in general happy and optimistic.

So why do I pity them?  In simple terms it is the lack of a sense of wonder.  When I look at the stars, I know full well scientifically what they are, giant balls of gas, nuclear fusion reactors, nothing more in reality.  Yet the dreamer in me understands that the very essence of that star, the same dust that makes up that star, also makes up my body, your body and the very earth itself.  The difference for the Deist in seeing this fact which many atheists acknowledge by the way is its meaning.

To me this means so much more than galactic recycling of matter, it is also the recycling of energy.  In fact I personally see the lines between energy and matter as blurred, and while science is now confirming this, it takes some level of “faith” to truly extrapolate what that means.  When I see a leaf I don’t just see a photosynthetic solar panel, I see the marvel of life itself.  To the atheist the universe seems mechanical, where the Deists and even the religious see it as energetic.

There is also what is next, to the atheist there is nothing next for the living when we die.  You are dust, worm food, gone forever.  I have written before about afterlife so I won’t go deep here but I do believe something happens, I don’t know what, I just know in my very being something does.  Do we remember our lives, I don’t know, may be, may be not.  We may simply become energy and only imprints of our prior life remains in the energy, just the raw information.  Or we may remain in spirit far more like revealed religions believe.  I really do not know, but the fact that something of our lives remains in some way, matters to me.

There is just part of humans I feel that is connected to the creation and when one cuts that off, something inherently human is then cut off from the individual as well.  I feel I was made to be part of the creation, to be a co creator with it in my own tiny small way.  Just like you were, atheists can’t comprehend how this is possible, we are too small to matter they say, one person doesn’t matter to the universe, in fact man doesn’t as a species.  When we are gone the universe itself will not even miss us.

Let me put it this way, I feel all living beings that see, hear, perceive, wonder at, participate in the creation are very much, “the eyes of God”.  It is with this wonder that I study science, nature, history, etc.  I don’t sit around praying or believing that one day God will save us.  I don’t wait for the day I die with anticipation of heaven, nor do I fear hell but I do marvel at the creation and its wonder and simply feel that is lacking for the atheist.

In my next text I will discuss why I personally feel many become atheists and why they feel it is the right choice.

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4 comments to Why I Pity Atheists

  • Pecos Billy

    I thought what you wrote was very good and I agree with you.

  • Someone

    Have you ever bothered to talk to an atheist? Actually get to know at least one? Or are you just assuming that since they do not believe in a deity that somehow their lives are incomplete? I am Deist myself, but I do not presume to live in some ivory tower where I look down upon all other religions (or those who lack belief) because I cannot fathom that they possess the same thoughts, feelings and abilities as I do since they do not share my spiritual views.

    I have known several atheists throughout my life and yes, the atheists I have known do possess a sense of wonder and awe. They wonder about the workings of science, while we stand in awe of the Creator behind the science. They still have the ability to wonder at the unknown. Just because a person does not believe in a deity does not mean that the world is dull, boring and mechanical. Whether you have belief or not, the universe is a delicately balanced cascade of processes and the consequences of those processes and anyone with the smallest amount of imagination can’t help but find it breathtaking if they choose to take an interest in it.

    I will agree some don’t. I have interacted online with atheists who want to live in a world free of any spirituality of any kind. They’re the type who are like you described — apt to dismiss stars as simply giant balls of burning gas out in space or leaves as mere food factories to nourish a plant. They do truly lack wonder, but only because they would rather wrap themselves in the security of chalking everything up to genetics or whatever branch of science strikes their fancy without being the least bit curious about the unknown.

    • ModernDeist

      Sounds like you didn’t read what I said at all? I didn’t look down, I voiced my opinion about why I feel people make this choice. If you did read it you would see first I said nothing negative about those people, not one thing. I said that I FELT they had something missing in their lives. What are you some sort of modern product of the tea cup generation where no one should say they feel anything is negative about anyone least a feeling be hurt?

      If you had actually read it you would also not ask if I ever bothered to talk to an atheist, seriously, haw can you ask that when in the post I state,

      “Now mind you an atheist is generally a lot easier to have a discussion with about life than a born again full on evangelical by a long shot. They tend to be rational people, and most tend to be in my view “good people”.”


      “Most atheists I know are also dramatically intelligent people. Many are highly successful in life and in general happy and optimistic.”

      Seriously and perhaps you should read my post from the very next day,


      Where you will find me saying “Some of my favorite people and most intelligent contemporaries are atheists.” Among other things.

      What you really didn’t like was the word pity I bet, do you even know its definition? “The feeling of sorrow and compassion caused by the suffering or misfortunes of others.”

      So I feel that most atheists I have talked to have turned to atheism due to emotional suffering caused by revealed religions they by logic had to turn away from. I also feel that the fact that many never even paused to consider an option like Deism which is based in logic is unfortunate for them. Due to this and do to what Deism has done for me in my life I feel a sense of compassion for them. Yes, indeed I am a horrible human in my ivory tower. (roll eyes).

      I think one thing lost in our world is people have decided to change what words mean so they don’t understand them when used properly and certainly can’t get past single words into contextual use anymore either.

  • Warren Dodd

    I am an athiest. I am in awe of the beauty in science and the universe. I spend my time learning new things everyday as I am very curious. I don’t feel I miss out on anything in life. If you wonder why I am here it’s to understand why someone I respect is a deist. Your article about athiesm caught my eye as I also don’t understand how people can be superstitious. But I can certainly relate to deists more than people of traditional faith.

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