Episode-05- If Deists Are Right Why Aren’t There More of Us?

Honestly it is a fair question for the non Deist to ask. If Deism makes so much sense why are there not more of us? To me it comes down to a few things. First there is no way to use Deism as a system of control, so it doesn’t benefit the State or […]

Episode-04- Pantheism, Panentheism and Pandeism

Today we look at the concepts of Pantheism, Panentheism and Pandeism and beyound that I will tell you why I tend to think like a Panendeist if there even is such a thing. I go into why I feel we should not really look at these as individual faiths, rather as philosophies within the […]

Episode-03- My Journey to Deism and What’s the Point of Deism

Today I tell a bit of my own journey to Deism, how I was raised Catholic, left that church and later became a Methodist. How all along the way I never truly believed in main stream revealed religion and how though a lot of study of spirituality I became spiritually homeless, with no name […]

Episode-02- Beyond the Clock Maker Version of God

Deism is usually described by non deists as a believe that God is like a clock maker, meaning he simply created the universe and walked away with no concern or further involvement. While there are a few Deists who feel this way the vast majority are far more spiritual in nature.

While we tend not […]

Episode-01- The Modern Deist Podcast – An Introduction

In the first episode I simply tell you who I am, a little about what this podcast will be like and start to answer the complicate question of what is deism. I will also tell you about my path and how I came to find Deism.