Episode-06- A Counter Argument to Atheists who ask for “Evidence of God”

To me the most common argument made by atheists is that God doesn’t exist because you cannot prove God exists.  Further when one points out that atheists cannot prove God does not exist, the atheist counters with the accurate statement that you “cannot prove a negative”.

As deists we are led by logic and reason, we believe in God because we know the metaphor of “I know a watch maker exists when I see a watch” is accurate, but this is not a sufficient counter argument to the atheist that doesn’t share our faith.

My counter argument to this however, is quite simple as you will hear in today’s episode.  The atheist is unable to offer any proof for the existence of life apart from something we would call God.  There is nothing here where the atheist can say, they can’t be called upon to produce a negative.  Rather we call upon them to produce a positive.

If the basic raw material on the early earth can spontaneously produce life, even one celled organisms, please recreate this for us in a laboratory.  Tune in today for a complete examination of this topic.

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Episode-05- If Deists Are Right Why Aren’t There More of Us?


Honestly it is a fair question for the non Deist to ask.  If Deism makes so much sense why are there not more of us?  To me it comes down to a few things.  First there is no way to use Deism as a system of control, so it doesn’t benefit the State or any “church” it only benefits the individual to encourage Deism.  While it would certainly benefit mankind as a whole that is not the type of “benefit” I am speaking of.

We also have a marketing issue, how many people out there say things like, “I believe in God but not religion”, all of those people are Deists they just don’t know that they are.  Perhaps our biggest issue though is because we lack lore, we lack stories and stories are the best tool any marketer has.  We examine all of this and more today.

Episode-04- Pantheism, Panentheism and Pandeism


Today we look at the concepts of Pantheism, Panentheism and Pandeism and beyound that I will tell you why I tend to think like a Panendeist if there even is such a thing.  I go into why I feel we should not really look at these as individual faiths, rather as philosophies within the larger Deist umbrella.

I will also discuss a bit about why I feel most people are actually Deists, even if they don’t call themselves that, how a Christian for instance is a Deist with a theism attached to their Deism.  I also talk about telling others about Deism and growing our movement with a “soft evangelism”.

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Episode-03- My Journey to Deism and What’s the Point of Deism


Today I tell a bit of my own journey to Deism, how I was raised Catholic, left that church and later became a Methodist.  How all along the way I never truly believed in main stream revealed religion and how though a lot of study of spirituality I became spiritually homeless, with no name for what I was.  Eventually a chance encounter led to the word Deism.

I also discuss “the point” of Deism, which I have found both members of revealed religion and agnostics/atheists tend to question.  Basically if God doesn’t judge you or get involved in your daily life why bother?  To many Deists this question may seem ridiculous but for those who are new to the concept I can see why it would come up.

Episode-02- Beyond the Clock Maker Version of God

Deism is usually described by non deists as a believe that God is like a clock maker, meaning he simply created the universe and walked away with no concern or further involvement.    While there are a few Deists who feel this way the vast majority are far more spiritual in nature.

While we tend not to believe in miracles or a God that alters the world because we pray for something, we do acknowledge both our own spirits and the spirit that is God.  To blanket Deism as the belief that God is like a clock maker to the universe is both a disservice to Deism and the Deist view of God.

Today we examine the spiritual side of Deism and reveal that indeed, reason and logic are not exclusive from spirituality and wonder.

Episode-01- The Modern Deist Podcast – An Introduction

In the first episode I simply tell you who I am, a little about what this podcast will be like and start to answer the complicate question of what is deism.  I will also tell you about my path and how I came to find Deism.

Can You Prove God Exists – Can You Prove God Does Not Exist

I am having a debate right now about this with an atheist.  He assertion is God does not exist because it can’t be scientifically proven.  While he keeps trying to drag it to is evolution real, that is not he debate and I refuse to let it go there.  My assertion is only that the universe as we know it is so perfect that it is logical to infer that it was designed, and a design requires a designer.   His assertion is that since we make that claim the burden to prove it is our own.

My response is there are two claims being made by two sides here, both would be fairly judged if their claims were equally required to show a burden of poof.  And while it is true that we can’t “prove God exists” with science, it is also true that science can’t prove how the universe came to be, how life came to be, etc.  Their answer is always in the end, “it just came from nothing”.

These are both theories and I want to do a post on it but don’t have time this week.  But synchronicity seems to always be around.  As I was thinking of this, I found this video, it brings up some interesting questions.  I figured you guys might enjoy it.

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Do Deists Have a Personal Relationship with God?


As always I have to answer this from my perspective, not all deists.  Deists are as diverse as any group bound by a common idea can be.  Remember there is no such thing as “Deist Catechism”, to teach you what you are supposed to believe.  There is no “Deist Creed” you say to prove your worth as a deist.  There is no place with your name on a roll that can be removed and excommunicate you from deism.  Deism is a free choice and a simple belief that there is a conscious creator.    Some see this deity as a single being, some a total of all consciousness and many other versions.  The only commonality is of course that we believe there is some creator to all that is.

praySo the question would be for me, do I have a relationship with God as a deist.  My first instinct is to answer it as a former Christian.  I was a leader and teacher in a Methodist church.  Though I was raised Catholic I never really believed in a lot of catholic doctrine.  Yet they did a good job of programming me and when I met my soon to be wife I was fine with “Catholic Lite” as I called Methodism.  I also had discovered radio preachers and did a lot of driving, I became well versed in scripture and remember teaching people about “developing a personal relationship with Jesus Christ”.

I did a lot of teaching and counseling and was considered very wise for my young age.  I had a great command of the bible both old and new testament and was good at explaining it.  The problem is I was just going though the motions, I didn’t in my heart really believe it, at all.  I would pray and it was just like well nothing really.  Like a ritual for the sake of the ritual.  I had no real relationship with God, Jesus or Buddha or Allah or The Great Pumpkin or whomever.  It was empty words.

If I am to answer this question that way, I would say no, I don’t have a personal relationship with God in the way many Christians quest for such a thing.  I never did and based on my view at this time I never will.  However logic dictates you define a word before you say if it applies to you or not.  So let us define relationship…

Relationship (noun) – the way in which two or more concepts, objects, or people are connected, or the state of being connected.

There are other definitions but that is the primary one, so using it, yes indeed I have a relationship with the creator, the question now becomes more accurate.  It becomes in what particular way do I connect with God?

In that there are many ways I have a relationship with the creator.  The most obvious is I am a product of the creation.  Further as I believe the creator is connected to all things, we are connected energetically and so is every other being and object I observe.  God is everywhere and in every thing.

Some might say that is skirting the question but it is simply what is and it is not as the game show says “my final answer”, just an answer.  I am also connected to God and interact with God in my interactions with his creation.  When I observe a beautiful sunset, marvel at the stars, work with animals or sit quietly on a mountain top, I am interacting with God.

Of course I believe so is everyone else, the Christian, the Hindu, the agnostic, the atheist, everyone.  The other side though is they may or may no be aware of it.  Right now you are in a relationship with microbes, in fact your body holds almost as many bacteria as human cells.  It doesn’t matter if you knew that or not, you are in a relationship with them.

To me a personal relationship with my creator means that unlike the person that doesn’t know about the relationship, I do and I am presently conscious of it.  When I see a sunset, I don’t think “oh look God painted it” or when I hear thunder, I don’t think “God is mad” or “God is bowling”.  No, I am fully aware of the science as to how light interacts with the atmosphere and how electricity displaces air in a column.  But I am also aware of the fact that the creator is responsible for everything that is.

wineSo I marvel not just at the beauty and the power that science can explain, nor just the ability of a human to observe and appreciate it, but of the creators beauty as the conductor of the symphony of the universe.  The three working together, science, creation and observation are my trinity.  To me that is not only a personal relationship but one far stronger then when I claimed Jesus as my personal savior, ate small stale crackers and drank a small sip of wine.

Today I prefer to have a glass of wine, good bread, a bit of cheese, sit on the side of a pond and watch geese, ducks and the sunset.  When I do I marvel at all of it.  I marvel at the way rennet curdles milk, yeast converts sugar to alcohol, how geese pair bond and baby ducks know what to do on day one.

I am sure some will read this that are of the Christian belief who will tell me I am wrong.  The atheists will do so as well.  In the end, we can all manage our own relationships in our own ways, we call that freedom.  But to be true to myself, I can neither profess to believe that which I do not believe, nor to not believe that which I do.


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Your God is Too Small If

This is an incredible short video that I think any Deist would really love is from our friends at ReasonedMedia.


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Christianity and Judaism Have Evolved – Let’s Examine Why


A common meme right now is that unlike Isalm the Jewish and Christian faiths have evolved.  That even though these faiths were used to justify some pretty horrible things, you know stoning people to death in direct accordance with the law for crimes such as disobedience to a father and other such things we just don’t do that any more.  No more inquisitions, no burning or hanging witches and scorers, no more death or prison due to what they call blasphemy, etc.

Okay then I think I have a fair question to ask….

If the bible (old and new testament) are the actual word and commands of God himself, why would the faiths based on it need to evolve?

Don’t get me wrong, I am glad they did.  I mean many things I say every day could have gotten me killed just few hundred years ago.  Oh please dear friends let that sink in deep.  Very, very deep.  These two faiths have killed people for thinking and saying things that simply disagree with them.  Yes they don’t do it today, but when they did do it, they were absolutely following their book.

Now sure at times they may have gotten things wrong, or someone may have embellished a bit to see to their own agenda, but in the end, the book says what the book says.

Oh what, Jesus and the woman brought to him you say?  Oh I see he said “let he who is without sin cast the first stone” and everyone left right there?  That changed it all you say?  Really so Christians your bible then, it starts with the Gospel of Matthew right?  You got rid of all that old testament stuff then right?  No?  Um, why not?

Oh, I see Jesus also said, “I did not come to abolish the law but to fulfill it”.  Well, well, so it is all still in place?  No.  Just parts of it?  Okay which parts, okay so no one is to be gay married, I see, what about eating shell fish and pork though, that is okay right?  Yea this makes perfect sense.

So you are saying that Jesus left a list somewhere saying you can do this now but not that, this is still wrong but don’t stone people for it, just lock them up or deny them rights etc.?  Wait, that doesn’t exist?  Okay, one more honest question then….

Where exactly does all your bullshit come from, in picking and choosing what is and isn’t still in force from your own bible, which you claim is the unquestionable and 100% accurate, will of God almighty himself?

Okay so here is my answer to why religions like Christianity and Judaism have evolved, they had to, period.  They had to so that they could keep up with humanity’s evolution.  As people began to realize how horrible it was to force people to believe as they believed, it was something else that evolved.  It is human rights that have evolved, not the faiths themselves.  They still have the same doctrine, the same rules, the book didn’t change, nor has the adherents belief in said book.

And this is my point when I say that I personally don’t believe in the bible or the God claimed to be the ultimate author of it.  To me if God wrote a book, his followers would not have to apologize for it a few thousands years down the road, talk around parts of it and pick and choose what to and not to comply with.

I would suggest to fully understand this you watch a TV Series called, The Bible Rules by the History Channel, it is fascinating.  You do begin to understand the logic, even when quite twisted of such rules.  The goal of the Hebrew people to remain set apart while living as nomads searching for a home.  The primary goal being to not be amalgamated into other cultures.  You also realize very quickly, this would not be how God would work.

These are rules written by men, to control other men, authored in the name of God to convey authority upon the commands and justification for punishments.

Even if God had these harsh rules in place to keep his people together, you would think one of the profits after the nomadic life was over would have said, “okay guys God said stop stoning people for minor crimes, you can have some bacon now and hey if you want hook up with the locals, just tell them how great our God is and he will do the rest”.

No, that never happened and while Jesus did counter some things he didn’t counter them all.  And when he countered them he did so as the Son of God meaning he had the authority to do so, not us, not a TV preacher and not a council of cardinals.

Personally I liked Thomas Jefferson’s approach to the bible.  He tossed out the entire old testament, he removed all the miracles and such things from the new testament and left nothing but the core morality of the words of Jesus.  He while not believing in Christianity himself stated at that point, “this is the finest assembly of ethics ever created by man”, and he wasn’t talking about himself.  This book is called The Jefferson Bible and members of our congress were given a copy up until the early 1900s.

Jefferson saw the Christian writings as they were meant to be seen, a code, not a literal story, of how to treat each other, the truth that we are all sons and daughters of the creator and should treat each other as family.  Frankly I think that if God did write the book, he’d of just said that, in like say Chapter One.

Yes the truth is religion evolved because it is fundamentally flawed when compared with basic innate human rights, rights we all share as created beings.  I don’t personally feel the creator would botch things up bad enough with his chosen religion for it to require evolution in order to keep pace with his own creation.


*Note the author of this article believes in evolution and simply sees it as a creative process of God.  To the author “God” is the singularity of all consciousness, time, energy and matter in the multiverses.  Not some guy with gray hair on a throne.  This should put his closing remarks in context.

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