Episode-03- My Journey to Deism and What’s the Point of Deism — 8 Comments

  1. In my case, not so much a long journey through the strange scriptures, rituals and teachings of several religions. Fortunately my parents themselves were quite liberal, though quite agnostic (I would now say).

    I am 68 years old, and have been “persecuted” (no offence meant) by a dear lady more than 100 years of age, devoutly roman catholic,to explain to her why Jesus and God The Father seemed to be unconcerned by all the suffering they tolerated to happen in the world.

    That made me first of all tell her that I did not share her religious background, so could not counsel her on the point, but furthermore once more ponder on my own belief system. Which led to extensive internet surfing. And consequentially the identification of a reasonable match with deism.

    Greetings, fellow travellers!

  2. Jack, thanks for sharing your story with us. I became a Christian at age 12. I then spent the next 30 years in Christianity, moving more and more liberal or progressive in my views. But I eventually found that I could no longer hold to the view of God that the Bible put forth. I could no longer believe in Jesus as the Bible presents him to be. And I could not in any sense believe the Bible to be holy, sacred, infallible or inerrant. This lead me to leave Christianity, but I still found value in meaning in God as a concept. So, to me, God is, perhaps, a being that created and continues to create the universe. But, more importantly, God is the “fabric” of the universe that ties everything together. In fact, for me, this is the meaning of spirituality — finding the connectedness of all things. And that, IMO, would be the point of deism. Not enforcing doctrines about God, but learning how all things are valuable because all things are connected.

  3. I seriously love this. Just found it tonight. I have always felt as if I didnt fit in or know my place with religion and I have only listened to one of your speeches and I fill so much of what you are saying..definaly going to listen more!

  4. Hey there. I have a question. With so much misery going on on the world, a god who created the universe could very easily interfere to make this disappear. Why doesn’t it ? I really want to believe in deism but this question is just lingering. Thanks.

  5. I just found these podcasts. And am so grateful to you for posting them.
    I too was raised in the Catholic church. Got kicked out of catechism for asking too many inconvient questions. Might even explain my mother’s discomfort with being around me. But the past is the past and cannot be changed.
    But I found myself almost in tears finding that I am not alone in ‘not knowing’ “the truth” about God. Kind of like when I discovered Star Trek at the age of 13. I wasn’t alone thinking that we (all races) could work together for a common goal.
    I can’t seem to find the words to describe the comfort this old podcast is providing this old woman.
    Thank you Jack!

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