Episode-01- The Modern Deist Podcast – An Introduction — 9 Comments

  1. I enjoyed this podcast, Jack. I hope that there are many more to come. I especially appreciate that you have found or are finding a “modern” deism instead of insisting that all deists must be of the 17th or 18th century kind of deism (which doesn’t work for me).

  2. Q: When you say you see God as a singularity, of ‘all thought matter etc’ are you saying basically we and everything we see (and don’t) are all ‘in Gods mind’ or would you say, we and everything are part of God?

    • First keep in mind I am not a profit of some such nonsense and I claim that I know nothing, it is what I believe.

      I would say to your question I feel that we are in some way “the senses of God” though I don’t think we are all of them, just some small part of them.

      What ever God is, I feel our experiences go to God, that this singularity knows and sees all and we are part of how it perceives everything.

      This though is 100% speculation, I have no evidence, none, not even the circumstantial evidence that God exists at all, not even that level.

      To me this just makes sense, another way of saying, “all is one”.

      I have always had greater affinity for the Easter faiths minus the 900 Gods mumbo jumbo of course.

      • Yep, totally get that you’re not a profit, sadly you keep that power for your other podcast! 🙂 Just wanted to understand your view of it. Thanks for the clarification.

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