Can You Prove God Exists – Can You Prove God Does Not Exist — 11 Comments

  1. Thank you for your efforts in this blog. I think there are very few true atheists among us. It is an indefensble position to take for reasosns you point out.There had, in my view, to have been a creative intellect to start this process from nothing even before time and space. If we call this vast intelligence God, then God is in all of us. God contains both good and evil too. So when a person shoots and kills small children and their teachers in Sandy Hook school in CT God was responsible too. Modern Functional MRIs seem to indicate that there is a split second of time between when the brain functions and an action takes place. If there is time for God’s will to occur then man’s freewill may be limited. Which is it God’s will or Man’s will that is responsible for the good and evil acts in the world as we know it or is it all an illusion?

    • My take on this:
      You have been called to supply proof. Now that can either be a validated deductive construct or evidence beyond reasonable doubt (overwhelmingly corroborated induction). Should we (the deists) be successful in delivering the latter (which we can), then the atheist’s rebuttal could only be the former (which I don’t believe possible.

      Main points of the evidence beyond reasonable doubt:

      Each universe is bound by space and time (it has a finite beginning)
      Each universe, for its feasibility, requires well defined laws of nature and specific scalars, which have to exist independent of space and time
      Each universe therefore requires a creator of infinite intelligence, outside the universe’s own scope
      That fully tallies with what we call god.

      Now let the atheist come woith a rebuttal!

    • This blog gets about 100 visits a day, nothing earth shattering but I am fine with that. This is just a hobby blog that I put out for those that want to learn more about Deism.

  2. Part of his proof lies in fractal theory, which I do believe is the closest thing to a proof of intelligent design. It can be found in all sciences, living and “non-living” matter, micro and macro systems everywhere one looks. They are even in chaotic systems, which seems to be an oxymoron, order-in-chaos. Check out and read the “Educators Guide”, it does not matter if you fully understand it. It gives you a glimps into the macro and micro sides of the universe, and the forms of everything from bacteria to galaxies.

  3. Sorry to barge in on this topic. I have not even looked into its contents yet. I very much appreciate the idea behind the “Church of Modern Deism”, and would like to participate in the fora.

    Can any reader point me to how I can and if I need to “register” as a forum member (including profile, perhaps picture, etc.)?

  4. God is the unconditioned existence. God is something made up only of itself which has no component parts. Molecules are made of atoms. Atoms are made of subatomic particles. Each of these is a component layer. Each layer is completely dependent on the layer beneath it. Thus, there cannot be an infinite series of component layers for the same reason that an infinite series of zeros does not add up to one. There must be an ultimate bottom to the component layers–something which is absolutely simple. This absolutely simple thing is God because it sustains the universe. It is immaterial because it has no component parts.

  5. I wish this video were still viewable. Only see “Private” listed there now. Too bad I didn’t discover this page til now and I’m too late.

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