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Episode-05- If Deists Are Right Why Aren’t There More of Us?


Honestly it is a fair question for the non Deist to ask.  If Deism makes so much sense why are there not more of us?  To me it comes down to a few things.  First there is no way to use Deism as a system of control, so it doesn’t benefit the State or any “church” it only benefits the individual to encourage Deism.  While it would certainly benefit mankind as a whole that is not the type of “benefit” I am speaking of.

We also have a marketing issue, how many people out there say things like, “I believe in God but not religion”, all of those people are Deists they just don’t know that they are.  Perhaps our biggest issue though is because we lack lore, we lack stories and stories are the best tool any marketer has.  We examine all of this and more today.

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  • Pat

    Hey Jack, Really love this podcast. Hope you had a nice vacation(TSP listener too…)

  • Willem Overbeeke

    I believe this actually is a non-issue. In most countries throughout the world active participation in the indigenous religions has been sharply declining over the past 20 to 40 years.

    In fact both in the US and in most European countries census results in the 90s and beyond consistently point at 50% or more of the population having “no religion”. And even that is an understatement, as many people for the sake of convenience or hypocrisy would still label themselves with their former creed.

    Branding all “non religious people” as atheists however would be blatantly incorrect. Many of them still believe in some kind of “power” behind the creation of matter, even if they no longer extend any prayers to it. So, if anything, they should probably qualify as deists.

    Seen that way, deism is certainly strongly gaining traction, and might actually be one of the major life philosophical groupings world wide.

    What could be seen as a pity is the seeming disinterest of most of these “newly liberates” to further analyse their current belief system. Hence deism does not crop up in the formal census results.


  • Very good podcast, Jack. In my opinion, religion is about a search for comfort, not a search for truth. Unfortunately, the human condition of our frailty and mortality leaves us with existential angst that religion, despite its lack of facts and evidence, helps to alleviate. Most of us would rather accept “answers” that bring us peace and comfort, rather than deeper questions that not only suggest that we don’t know, but that we might never know. This is why, IMO, the God of revealed religion is the Parent-in-the-Sky, fulfilling the role of divine protector and guarantor of everlasting existence. The deity of deism offers neither. We have no other protection from nature or “fate” other than what we create. And though we have taken steps to lengthen our lifespans, we are not yet immortal and indeed have the courage to ask if immortality would be the best thing for us in the long run. There are not many people who would be…comfortable…living with such disturbing questions and the lack of bullet-proof answers. Therefore, the religions thrive on having all of their answers bundled up in a fairly cohesive package as long as one can suspend reason, rational, and, in many cases, morality. Sailing into the unknown is not for everyone. But, to me, it is where we will find what makes us the most human.

  • SkillUp

    Bill McCracken WOW! Talk about food for thought. Wonderfully written and beautifully made. I loved reading every fucking word.

  • Gnomon

    I’ve been a regular poster on the Positive Deism forum for several years. But recently, activity on that forum has dwindled down to a trickle, except for lots of new posts by irrelevant ad-bots. So my latest posts have been on the topic : Where Have All the Deists Gone? One theory is that former freestanding Deist websites have faded away as most of the social dialogs have been absorbed into the all-consuming spider-web of the Facebook world. Another possibility is that Deism has already reached its maximum penetration of the popular mind, and the numbers are minimal for the same reason that hard rational thinking is a minority activity. In any case, as far as internet traffic is an indication, enthusiasm for Deism seems to have cooled from its peak around the year 2000.

    Anyway, my latest post on the “Deist Gone” thread includes some excerpts from the “Why Aren’t There More of Us?” thread of Modern Deism.

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