Q. What is a deist?

A.  The most basic definition is a deist is one who believes in a creator, a deity that is the sum total of consciousness.   This deity though is not seen as a judge or overlord, rather simply part of all things, a universal energy, and a consciousness that we are all part of on some level.

Q.  Who is the founder or leader of the Church of Universal Spirit?

A.  The founder choses to remain anonymous because he or she doesn’t claim to be in charge of anything or to have any more insight than any other human.  The church has no formal leadership only kinship among members who assist each other in learning and finding answers to questions.

Q.  How does one become a deist or a member of the Church of Universal Spirit?

A.  There are no rituals or sacraments if you say you are a deist, you are a deist.  The Church itself welcomes any who claim membership.  Though if you want to create a formal relationship consider registering as a member on this site.  The Church itself is only symbolic, a community around this blog.

Q.  Where does the Church’s source of funding come from?  Can I make a donation?

A.  The founder provides the web hosting and pays for the domain name and does so as a service.  There is no “collection plate” and this church does not ask members for money at any time.  We only ask that you share your knowledge and experience with other members.  If you want to help with money there are many worthy charities you can contribute to, we really do not want your money, seriously.

Q.  Are there priests or ministers or something like that in the Church of Universal Spirit?

A.  The answer is both yes and no.  First no there is no hierarchy such as in the Catholic Church, no priests or bishops, etc.  On the other hand we feel every man and every woman is a “minister” of sorts in that we all support and teach one another.  Deists are egalitarian believing that in regard to spirit no individual is superior to another, we are all students and we are all teachers.

Q.  Are there rules, commandments or a code of conduct in the church or for deists in general?

A.  As we are led by logic and reason our moral code is based on the same and in many ways it is up to each man or woman to set much of their own code.  We do however believe that no man should harm another.  In short this is one the Pagan’s got right with, “an it harm none, do as thou wilt”.  Going deeper than that at this time is beyond a simple FAQ but we have no complicated rules, we believe enlightened and reasoned men know right from wrong internally.

Q.  Does the Church of Universal Spirit have any political agenda or political party affiliation?

A.  No, save that as a deist believes that no man should harm another and hence we strongly believe in individual liberty.  As such tend to attract people with a somewhat libertarian mindset.